Saturday, January 14, 2006

Coreli is no more...

About a week ago I was quite surprised to learn that my EVE corporation, Coreli Corp, was splitting up. It seems that most directors wanted a change, and after some posting on our corp forums, it was decided that Coreli would split up into two: one would embraced its roots in smuggling and the others would stay faithful to its new goals, defending the Gallente Federation.

I must say, I never saw it coming at all, and was completely stunned. My experience in Coreli so far had been very good. It was one of the most engaged corp I had been part of, and its members were a dedicated bunch. As an RP corporation I was having a lot of fun keeping up with the various events we were involved in.

Recently, I had discussed with our Director of Production, about a position as a Director of Production for the Placid region, and was really excited about it. I had trained my Production Efficiency skill to level 4, and was completing my level 5 (a 14 days skill mind you) when I learned the terrible news. My dreams of overseeing the region of Placid had just gone up in smoke.

Though the split occurred somewhat smoothly within the corporation, outside it was a bit chaotic. You see, Coreli had recently founded an Alliance (a group of corporations in EVE) with the goal of defending the interests of the Gallente Federation - "Fighting for a Stronger Federation" was our motto. But things were doomed from the get go. From the beginning, the Cyrene Initiative, as it was known (and still is) was not going to work properly. Within a week the in-game chat for the alliance was dead quiet. Nothing significant ever occurred out of it. Some blame its founding members, some blame the lack of interests from the corporations themselves. Suffice to say, it did not last very long.

Now right about the time the Coreli's directors decided on the split, Coreli was contacted by an opposing corporation, and to make a long story short, things turned ugly between the two. When the split was publicly announced and Coreli split from Cyrene, a war was declared against the alliance. You can read about it in this post, on the EVE-Online OOC forum.

Things have quieted down now, and people have started going there separate ways. The evil Coreli is moving its assets and personnel into Curse region, the loyal federalist have founded Gallente Ventures and continuing the path that had been until recently followed. But a lot of members have gone there separate ways, each taking this chance to explore new avenues. Some friends will be missed. Good luck to you all, Jenna, Freeda, Zofo, Luance, Joshua... it was fun!

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