Monday, January 30, 2006

EVE Online: on my way to a new home

Last night, after closing up Combined Mercantile Holdings and emptying its hangars and accounts, I packed a few belongings and headed to Horaka to report for duty.

This was the longest voyage I had ever taken; a total of 46 jumps.

After leaving Vlillirier I headed to Covryn where the majority of my assets were. There, I resigned as CEO of CMHI, after emptiyng the corporate hangars. I then switched to my faithful Vexor, slapped on a combat set up, packed my mining gear and headed back out.

My next stop was Aulbres, where I picked up a Mining Barge skill and a few other trinkets. Then I was off to a 30 jumps itinerary in order to get to Horaka. After about 20 jumps, I got to Du Annes, which was as far as I had ever been (in that region). All that lay before my eyes was new territory to me.

Upon my arrival in Horaka, I headed to our offices, docked and reported for duty.

Now, I've left most of my gear, ships and other assets back in and around Covryn, so sooner or later I'm bound to go back. But for now, I'm happy exploring new systems and doing my job as a member of Phoenix Propulsion Laboratories. "Cadet Treenara Mazouk, reporting for duty sir!"

Bring it on!

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