Saturday, January 28, 2006

EVE Online: Phoenix Propulsion Labs, my new home

As you know, I recently left Coreli Core and started Combined Mercantile Holdings while I expanded my trading network, skills and abilities. But EVE is a very social beast and is made to enjoy as such. So while I was having fun trading in industrial goods - and making very impressive profit I might add, I was still looking to join a well established corporation. About a week ago, my long search ended. While reading E:ON #2, I cam across an add from Phoenix Propulsion Labs Corporation and after going through their website from top to bottom, I knew this was the one.

So after meeting some of its members over on their public channel, SHOP@PPL, I decide to apply and completed an application. The next day I received an email requesting my presence for an interview. After agreeing upon a time, I prepared myself by learning as much as I could about PPL.

Earlier today, I completed a 2 and a half hours interview with the head of HR, Gilgamoth. Let me tell you that this was one of the most professional and complete interview I have ever done, virtual and RL. After the interview I was convinced I wanted to be part of PPL, and sure enough, I was accepted.

Now I have a bunch of chores to do, a lot of material to go through. Now, the fun begins...

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