Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SEED: the roleplayer's MMORPG

I've been keeping an eye on this MMORPG for about a year now, and today I received my email to one of the first 500 BETA testers. I'm really ecstatic of it!!

SEED is a very different kind of MMORPG, and this is besides the fact that it uses cell shading, which make for some awsome environments and screenies. Basically it's a roleplayer's dream MMO.

What Seed is all about:

  • Sci-fi MMORPG
  • Personalized stories
  • Social/political gameplay
  • Believable NPC's
  • 3D comic book graphics
What it's not about:
  • Combat
  • Character classes
  • Standard quests
So I'm quite excited to be among the first BETA testers and I cannot wait to login to the Tower for the very first time. And the great thing is that the NDA permits screenshots! So I'll post them as I explore this brand new world. In the mean time you can enjoy some here.

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