Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gaming: The Escapist issue #30

The Escapist #30 was released yesterday. This week they cover how the gaming industry was influence, and still is, by pen-based Roleplaying Games. Makes for a great read for any of us who's ever played D&D, AD&D, MERP, Traveler. Boy does it ever bring back memories. This is one issue you definitely do not want to miss.

In Celebration of the Inner Rogue

by Mark Wallace
Is the avatar separate from you, or is it an extension of yourself?

The Contrarian: Masks in the Woods
by John Tynes
How has MMO influenced the Role-Players and is there a place for them (us) in today's MMORPG

I Enjoy Playing a Girl
by Chris Dahlen
Why? Why not play someone completely different from yourself! Also see my earlier post on the subject.

A Roleplayer in Azeroth
by Will Hindmarch
With computer based RPG, we've gained a lot in terms of the visuals, but at what cost? Is it limiting our imagination or making it boundless?

Remember the Ice Chicken
by Nova Barlow
It's a whole new experience out there!

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