Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gaming: The Escapist issue #31

Balancing Your Second Life
by Pat Miller
Although all games have the potential for problems, opening up a virtual sandbox to the world brings an entirely new level of issues. Pat Miller talks to Linden Lab's Cory Ondrejka on how they handle Second Life.
Reimagining Challenge
by Patrick Dugan
"I am a gamer, my brothers are gamers, some of my best friends are gamers, but no matter how much it hurts, I must speak the truth: Gamers are what's wrong with the game industry." Patrick Dugan explains.

Show Me the Money
by Bruce Nielson
"Are your avid fans your best fans?" Bruce Nielson looks at how modern games with content creation tools often have the same expectation of support as expensive professional development tools.

Fraternizing with the Enemy
by Joe Blancato
It's common knowledge that game developers never play their games, or at least it is among the players of those games. It's also not true. Joe Blancato discusses playing your own game with Brian Green, Lead Designer of Meridian 59.

Great articles, as usual.

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