Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gaming: Kings of the Hill - MMORPGs of Today and Beyond

With so many MMORPGs on the market, picking out the best of the best has become quite a chore. We take a walk through some of the best games out there, and show you just why a select few deserve your attention. Who knows, maybe one of these will become your next addiction.
So eToychest put up a review today on the state of the best MMORPGs out there. Great! Another one of those article that'll get fanboys all excited about their game being mentioned, or not, praised or not, etc. You get the idea!
Having said that, it is a very good article and covers most of the major MMORPGs currently available. But, as with any such review, it was bound to forget a few of them, intentionally or not. And who can blame them! Well a lot of people it seems. Though the article itself is very well done and informative, the comments are where the juice is!

A lot of EVE fellow players have voiced their discontent at the choices that
Robert Faulhaber, the author, made. And though I do understand where Mr. Faulhaber is coming from, I can certainly appreciate the opinion of EVE players.

Anyways, enough rambling on my part. GO read the article yourselves: MMORPGs of Today and Beyond.

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