Thursday, February 02, 2006

SEED: my first screenshots of the Beta

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I was amongst the lucky 500 chosen to be part of the first Beta for Runestone's SEED MMORPG. I've been watching these guys and the development of this MMO, and been waiting patiently for the beta to get here. And well, here we are.

So after getting my account creation info in an email on Tuesday, I just couldn't wait to download the game, install it and walk through this brand new and original virtual world. First I had to create an account, and that wouldn't happen until early Wednesday morning (the registration server didn't come online until then), which meant that I couldn't create mine until I got home from work last evening.

To my great disappointment though, the server was down when I tried to create my account! I would have to play EVE "instead". As if that was a poor second choice. No it was not. Never is. But the craving I felt was for SEED that evening, not EVE.

Tonight though, the wait was over. Sort of. You see, SEED is in Beta, and as with every beta version of any software it has bug, it crashes, it needs a lot of improvement. Which is why Public Beta exist in the first place. We're the Chuck Yeager of the MMO universe. That's us, the Beta Testers!! The Proud, the Few, the Lucky!!

So this first screenshot if where you create you your character. There's a bit of customization available though not as much as one could hope for. Still, these cell-shaded screenies are simply gorgeous! N'est-ce pas!

Then, once we have a character created, we're ready to step into this brand new world and explore it's farthest corners, it's every level.

And voila! Here we are, in the Tower! And this is pretty much as far as this went tonight. A couple of restart of the game, creation of 2 new characters and a few minutes after spawning to life, the game would crash. Too bad, cause it looks awesome and I wanted to explore some. Guess it'll have to wait.

All part of the Beta, all part of the fun. And there's more to come!

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