Thursday, February 23, 2006

EVE Online: Mining the Khanid Kingdom

This week-end we received orders from command that we needed to do some mining to get our ore supplies a bit higher. So the for the last 3 evenings I've been mining with some of my corp mates (Malindah, Padyn and Paladyn). I was the one hauling the ore, with the help of Malindah.

In this screenshot above, Paladyn was flying CAP (Combat Air Patrol) in a Brutix while I was hauling the remaining containers.
It was a change of pace from the agent missions we had been running the last 2 weeks in order to increase our standings with the Royal Khanid Navy and the Khanid Kingdom.

I tried to get my Teamspeak to work, but without a headset it isn't worth much. Guess I'll have to get me one!


Anonymous said...

Cool pics mnate. Love the Itty V

Anonymous said...

Hi Treenara,

why do you have to raise your standings with the Khanids?


CrazyKinux said...

Thanx Alaph!

Hey, Luance! Nice of you to drop by.

To answer your question, the main reason for increasing our standings has to do with ore refinning. Since Phoenix Labs manufactures ships and equipement, having good standings increases our refinning efficiency, and that's just good for business!