Monday, January 16, 2006

The Combined Mercantile Holdings Inc. is born

So as of last week, Coreli as I knew it was no longer going to exist. What was I to do? Where was I going to go? Going to Curse and following the "evil" Coreli into Curse was out of the question. Yet, moving to the new Gallente Venture, formed by law abiding ex-Coreli members, didn't seem to be the right path either. After the initial shock of the Coreli break-up, I sat down and looked at all my options.

Coreli employees were already venturing to new and unexplored paths. I had to make a choice. Back in the days before Coreli, I had been part of a very small corporation, Sorbion. It was a loose mix of employees, held together by some unknown goals. Suffice to say the experiment did not last long.

But before being
dismantled, I had a chance to head Sorbion as it's CEO. And even after joinning Coreli, I knew that one day, I wanted Treenara to be the head of a successful corporation.

Since I had taken up trading recently, I decided that if I was going to start up a new corporation, its main
focus would be trading. I still had that Dominix BPC (Blue Print Copy), and I also wanted to build that ship.
Last Thursday, I created the Combined Mercantile Holdings Incorporated (CMHI) in Stacmon, with corporate hangars in the next system, Covryn. From there I do runs between Iges and Intaki, buying various trade commodities. By buying low and selling high, I'm able to make about 3 to 4 million ISKs an hour. Not bad.
My short term goals are to ramp up CMHI's bank accounts, then build that Dominix. After that, there are a few expensive trading skills I'll be looking to buy in order to perform large profitable trades from the comfort of my head quarters, all the while building a corporate empire.


Who knows where this will lead...

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