Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brother Benthor - EVE - Design Page

I came across this fellows site yesterday and was impressed with the quantity, quality and funny signature he's listed. There's a lot of them and it'll take a while to all load. Worth the wait though. Check it out at "Brother Benthor - EVE - Design Page".

Speaking of sigs. Since I've joined Phoenix Propulsion Laboratories, I've had to change signature. So, here's my signature when I was in Coreli and part of the Cyrenne Initiative:

And here's my new signature as part PPL, until I'm deemed worthy enough to be promoted to midshipman.

I especially enjoy the toothbrushes!

If I find my old Coreli signature, I'll add it here.

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you liked my work :) i just googled my in-game name and I found this URL :)