Sunday, April 02, 2006

EVE Online: E:ON Issue #3 shipping this week

For the eve fan, E:ON is a blast to read, full of interesting information on the people behind EVE, some short stories, insight on upcoming events, etc.

Issue 3 is no different. The table of content is below and lists a few goodies I'm looking forward to read up on, like the new graphic engine.

At the EVE Gathering, the devs mentioned that they wanted to redo the graphic engine since it was over 3 years old and showed us a screenshot of a Vexor displayed using the new engine. You'll still be able to run the old engine if you don't have the hardware for it, but you'll be able to take full advantage of the latest Windows Vista graphic capabilities when using the updated engine.

(See at the bottom of this post for a look at the details.)

·Cover feature - 'Rebuilding EVE'
The Trinity engine is in the process of being overhauled, with dazzling effects and new ship textures that will help ensure EVE stays ahead of the competition for years to come. That's the plan, at least. But how will these updates affect the gameplay? Should they affect the gameplay? These questions and plenty more are answered, whilst others are neatly sidestepped. Still, you should see the screenshots ;) yowser!!

· Test Flight
DigitalCommunist returns from last month's look at the ironclad steamers to the Red Moon era and jumps inside the must-have ships this season; the four Force Recon Cruisers, to see what they're capable of and what you should be using them for. Or not.

· Insider Guides
We have a massive guide to electronic warfare (which should be helpful for newcomer and veteran alike), plus the first part of a look inside ISD

· In Character
Seleene talks business, Hardin talks self-flagellation and Count TaSessine is searching for a nice spot for a new outpost

· Gemini history
Most of us missed the party and those of that were there have shaky memories (clone tech has come on leaps and bounds since), so for the benefit of all, Reiisha takes us back to beta, EVE's literal big bang, where the roots of today's alliances began and where legends such as Ragnar, Hellgremlin and TAOSP were forged.

· Plus
Interviews with Hellmar and Fuhry, more Postcards From The Edge, new Chronicles, EVE China update and plenty more besides."

Sweet looking ain't she!

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