Monday, April 03, 2006

Gaming: Windows Vista review on Gamespot - Part 4

The final part of the Windows Vista review, Windows Vista Part 4 - Gaming and DirectX 10, was published prior to my trip to Vegas. I meant to post about sometime ago, but the whole Vista mess/delays/unknowns has prevented me from doing so. I just wanted to gather more information on it before sharing it with you.

DirectX 10, or whatever they decide to call it, will be the single most important update to impact the gaming community. Once it's available to card manufacturers, game developers will be able to start creating games to take full advantage of it (as in the new EVE graphic engine). But we're far from there, as quoted in Part 4:

The problem is that DirectX 10 video cards don't exist yet. Nvidia has the G80 in the works and ATI is polishing up the R600, a GPU based on the Xbox 360 "Xenos" core, but cards won't appear until the second half of this year. Even the game companies are having a tough time getting early-development GPU hardware right now. Several game developers we've spoken to have told GameSpot that they're still waiting to see DX10 reference cards.

And until they do, we certainly won't. And with Vista being pushed back to early 2007 (read mid-2007), then the chances of seeing EVE Online in a new light anytime soon, are just unrealistic. Or are they? We'll just have to wait to read about it in the next issue of E:ON.

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