Monday, August 18, 2008

EON needs your EVE Online Screenshots!

Anyone whose been a regular here at CrazyKinux's Musing will know that it's a passion of mine to take screenshots while playing EVE. Hell, some will even go so far as to call me a screenshot addict! OK, so yes, I do a weekly "EVE Postcard" for a number of weeks now, I've got a few shots of EVE under Trinity I graphic engine (only 1,568), a few more under Trinity II (415 so far), and a dedicated collection on my Flickr account. But can you really blame the man, when New Eden looks so beautiful!

This shot was taken in Khanid Region, somewhere near Zirsem.

In an effort to share this beauty, EON's Editor, and Grand Poobah, Zapatero himself, is looking for your screenshots for the next issues. If you believe you've got the eye for some great shots, send them over to him.

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