Friday, August 01, 2008

July 2008 in Review

I've been wanting to get back to doing these monthly review for sometime now, but was just too busy with other stuff, or too lazy, depending on how you want to see it. Here we go again. I'm blatantly copying Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob here, as I really like his review format.

So without further ado, let's look at this past month, July 2008.

The Site
  • 25 posts
  • 15,668 pageviews
  • 10,809 unique visitors
  • 2,203 returning visitors
Overall I'm happy with the July post count, though looking back over the last few months I'll want to post more often about what my main character is doing. Over the past several weeks I've put a lot of energy getting the EVE Bloggers Community going, at the expense of posting about Treenara. In the coming months I'll try to give you more regular updates. I've got a few ideas that I need to discuss with Phoenix Labs Executives before though. So keep your eyes open.

More (Ranking) Stats:
  • Feed Readers: 254
  • Alexa Ranking: 269,182
  • Technorati Authority: 70
By the end of August, I'd like to have 300 readers, be below 250,000 for Alexa and get over 100 in Technorati Ranking. If you can help me get there, I'd really appreciate.

The EVE Blog Pack

In the last month the Pack grew by 6 new blogs - including mine, which I had forgotten to include! I've got 2 more that I'm keeping an eye on, which will likely get added by the end of the month. In his July Review, Wilhelm mentions that he's got an idea for the Pack. I'm very curious about it and can't wait to get word from him.

Overall I'm very happy with the results of the EVE Blog Pack. I think that I've managed to get a great group of bloggers together, with a good blogging momentum. If you're reading and would like to join just let me know in the comments of the Pack post.

The Drone Bay Podcast

Just as it was in June, July only saw the release of 2 episodes (#13 and #14). Crovan came back from his stay in the Land of the Rising Sun but had some PC woes, and this being smack in the middle of the summer holidays, it's been difficult to get together on the regular weekly schedule. Hopefully with August things will get back to normal again.

On a good note, we've done the last 2 episodes in front of a live audience using Ventrilo. So far it's been a lot a fun and a great experience for those dropping in to listen to the show as it's being recorded. Crovan as always works his editorial magic, and the Live experiment hasn't affected the quality of the final edited shows. Look for even more listener interactions in the coming weeks.


In other news, after a brief stay at, my tenure as an EVE columnist comes to an end. My stay wasn't long, but in that time I've made some great friends, which I hope will continue to be so as our paths take different roads. I wrote 3 features for my Have Clone Will Travel column - I invite you to read them if you haven't had a chance as of yet:

Next Month

A year ago I was about to start A-Post-A-Day Challenge which in the end saw me complete 26 posts, 4 shy of my goal. I'm thinking of giving it another go, and invite other EVE Bloggers to join me in this Epic adventure! OK, I may be pushing it here, I mean epic, please! I'm only trying to get pumped-up! Khant t'you feel da blood rush in mie big mussel!!!

Fly Safe, or die trying!


Anonymous said...

Woot I get to be first commenter yay!

I'll do my best to try to match your posts (LOL as if I could) but it might be fun and get me to do more than the 3 I try to do a week :)

CrazyKinux said...

You'll do fine Manasi!