Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fly Reckless - Another Great EVE Podcast

Well EVE Online must be doing well, because it now has a 5th regular podcast, Fly Reckless. This podcast is another one-man show, this time by Silicon Buddha.

He's already got 5 episodes done, with one pre-launch episode (#0). The first few shows were about 30-40 minutes long, though the last episode is over 90 minutes.

In Fly Reckless, Silicon Buddha covers Dev Blogs and EVE-Tribune news. I've only gone through the first two episodes, but so far I like his fly-by-the-pants style. In his About page he describes his endeavor as

... I’m going to be highlighting the fun that is to be had in EVE and spotlighting a little bit of news, a smattering of my opinion, have a few laughs and do a little bit of “seat of the pants” flying (both literally in Eve, and figuratively in doing this podcast).

Here is the link to the shows and to the iTunes subscription.

Looking forward to more.


Anonymous said...

Hey wow. Thanks for the great writeup! Glad you'd liked what you've heard so far. And if you have any helpful hints don't be shy sending any feedback my way.

Silicon Buddha

Anonymous said...

Very good podcast, just started to listen! Thanks a ton for putting it out there!

CrazyKinux said...

Anytime Silicon Buddha!