Saturday, August 02, 2008

The EVE Personality Test - Watch out, I bite!

Industrialist with teeth

Industrialist with teeth

You enjoy Eve's economic model and you find that the greatest challenge of the game lies in mastering the market. System security status is a matter of profit/no profit for you, and you always factor in the possibility/probability of PvP in your estimates. To you, Eve isn't a PvP or a PvE game. It's a simulation of capitalizm in its purest form, and a place where the savvy wins the day.

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With Wilhelm and Godlesswanderer taking the EVE Personality Test I just couldn't resist. Similar to Ombeve's experience, my result doesn't match my play style - maybe more what I aspire to be than what I'm currently doing. In reality, I think that I'm much more of PvE player similar to Wilhelm. Simply looking at my skills distribution and you'll know what I mean.

Maybe there's a lesson to be taken here. Maybe my true path in EVE is the Industrialist (with teeth nevertheless!). I mean I've always wanted to work the trade routes a bit more and explore that side of EVE. Come to think of it my last few completed skills we're all Trade-related.

I'll have to give it some thoughts.


Mandrill said...

According to the test I'm a greifer, I don't see it myself.

Everir Entar said...

Looks like I am an industrial with teeth even if I have less than 20k SP in Industry :O

Something is wrong!

CrazyKinux said...

Again, I don't think it's necesarrily what you are that it describes, but more what you're leaning towards.

@Everir - The fact that it you only have 20k SP in Industry doesn't prevent you to lean towards that personilaty as a player.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i'm an insutrialist with teeth, too.
maybe that fits pretty well...