Sunday, August 17, 2008

Titan Weekly #7 - Special "CK" Edition

Earlier last week, Malnor invited me as a co-host on his highly successful EVE podcast, Titan Weekly. During the show we covered subjects ranging from a potential CCP endorsed Stock Market, to balancing game play between new and old players, to missions and more.

Since it always takes me a while to "get to the point", the show is a bit longer than usual. A lot longer really - 3 times! The blame falls squarely on me. Then again, Malnor kept bringing great questions.

It was a lot of fun to discuss all these ideas with Malnor and I hope to get the chance again.

And with this episode, Titan Weekly goes mobile! Yessery Bob! Malnor launched for those who would rather listen to their podcast on their mobile.

Here's the link to the Atmospheric Flight over mountains I was referring to during the podcast. Crazy eh!

Can't wait for episode #8.


Anonymous said...

"we covered a subjects"?

Don't drink and blog.

CrazyKinux said...

Eheh! Burped and corrected!