Friday, August 22, 2008

Is EVE Online for you?

EVE is a lot of things to a lot of different players. To some, it's a cut throat PvP game with huge fleet battles, to other it's a capitalistic virtual world where fortunes can be made, and to yet another group it's a game of cat and mouse where you hunt your victims one at a time. It's actually all that and so much more.

With the population of New Eden ever growing, new players are introduced to this deadly sandbox. I recently read that about 25% of the current player base have been with EVE since launch, which means that three quarters were introduced to the game over the last 5 years. How can we tell these new arrivals what EVE is? How can they know if EVE is for them?

That's the exact question raised by Gustav Malori in his piece entitled "Is EVE for you?". In this article, Gustav basically explains that EVE is
[...] politics; warfare; personal gains and losses; alliances; bad guys; good guys; economics; trade; research; science; fighting; mining; industry; making stations; destroying stations; gate jumping; gate camping; tackling; electronic warfare; exploration; pirate hunting; piracy; and over 5,000 systems where all of this and so much more is happening all at once [...]
It's an interesting article which gives a good impression of what this game is to a lot of folks. If you've got a couple friends who are thinking about it, or if you yourself have been considering the career of a capsuleer, then give it a read. It's well worth your time!

Before I leave you though, I wanted to share with you two great videos I came across this week which attempt to describe what EVE is. I thought they were pertinent to this article, and so I'm including them here.

The two videos, entitled "This is EVE" are the work of none other then Loxyrider, who was (and still is?) the Director of Eve TV. You can tell pretty quickly that this guy masters the art of film, and the videos do a good job of showing it. They cover all aspects of EVE, and not just the PvP, which is something that we often see in player videos.

So on to the videos!

Is EVE for you?


Anonymous said...

Loxy 4tw \o/

CrazyKinux said...

I miss my EVE TV dearly! =(

Winged Nazgul said...

Thanks for the video links. I wasn't aware of the second This is Eve video by Loxy. I posted a pretty quirky example of how I knew Eve is definitely for me on my blog recently:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

CrazyKinux said...

@Winged Nazgul - Thanks for stopping by! Will check out your post!

@James - Indeed! =)

Anonymous said...

Altho I've been playing EVE for more than two years now I still find it interesting on how many different individuals there are gathered in EVE, not to mention the different occupations.

It's so amazing.

Cool videos!!