Wednesday, September 17, 2008

EVE Megathron Battleship Model Slideshow

Thanks to Winterblink for pointing me to this one. The slideshow below is courtesy of Recluse Viramor who just received his new Megathron Battleship Collectible Model. Just thought I'd post the slideshow here while I consider getting one for myself. Maybe as a gift from me to me when I eventually find employment!

It looks sweet or what!


Anonymous said...

It truly is an incredible sight and I'd love to get one, but I still think they're a bit on the expensive side :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice models but a bit pricey. All they'll have done is taken the 3d models they'v already got for the game and printed them on a 3d printer (like they're planning to do with Spore creatures) They cost $20 max to make and they're selling them for $120, thats 500% mark up. Eyjo should point out to them that 1000 x $5 profit is better than 100 x $10 profit ie: if they were cheaper they'd sell more and make more money. For the creators fo such an economy driven game they don't really get simple economic principles do they. I'm not going to buy one unless they drop the price.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Suweeeeeet !!!