Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Titan Weekly #10 - Another CK Edition!

OK, so I'm a bit late to the party in posting this one.

Last Friday, Malnor's 10th episode of Titan Weekly was released to the community. Again, yours truly dropped by to voice his opinion and cause trouble. Or try to anyways!

Hopefully I haven't said anything too outrageous or fullish.

So hup over to TW and have a listen. And let us know if you think I had some good ideas, or was just mumbling nonsense! =)

Thanks for having me over Malnor. It's always a lot of fun to dream about the "what ifs" with you.


Anonymous said...

CK I posted with scribefire but I am not sure of the interval for your block pack RSS polling of the blogs ? I am not sure how it works but I was testing and to date it is not updated...maybe a google issue.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Malnor has told me that today starting at Noon (PST) he will open the streaming server for Titan Weekly Live! He will be testing the connection, and pretty much just trying to make sure it all works correctly. So, please head on over to titan weekly and show your support for titan weekly. He will have a contact button on the LIVE! page so you can email him directly if you have issues with the stream.

Here is a driect link to the LIVE! page

Anonymous said...

What's goin on with the drone bay cast btw ?

CrazyKinux said...

I'm trying to get an update from Alsedrech and Crovan as they've been pretty quiet these past weeks. I'm working on it!!