Wednesday, May 06, 2009

40 New EVE Online Blogs: How's that for a healthy Blogging Community

Following my recent addition of 23 new EVE Online blogs, here I go adding another 40. Ok, so removing the 5 outdated blogs, we're still adding 35 active blogs. That's pretty amazing, considering EVE "only" has 300,000 players! I do realize that some of the blogs below aren't necessarily "new". They just were'nt on my list, and so are "new" to the list.

Before I let you go through the list, I want to thank Ga'len, the wandering druid of tranquility, without who's help I could not have update this list as I have done over the last few days! Thanks again mate!
  1. Hardwirings and all that 
  2. Vikarion 
  3. Why So Sad? 
  4. EVE Hub 
  5. Agent EVE 
  6. Eve Maps 
  7. Discovering EVE 
  8. 500 kills  
  9. Fly Reckless
  10. Flying Ducktape  
  11. Ghosts of Lowsec
  12. Internet Chieftains 
  13. It's Just Business
  14. Kalazar Zachan  
  15. Kill Ten Rats 
  16. Larkonis for CSM
  17. Logs of a Butor  
  18. Melindhra's Universe 
  19. Personal Files, Ciarente Roth 
  20. Pod Pilot 
  21. Podded:  The EVE Online podcast for you!  
  22. Ramblings <-- Out of Date
  23. Rancer Defense League 
  24. Red Mist 
  25. Rishal's Return 
  26. Sandwich 
  27. Dookagala <-- Out of Date
  28. Skyes Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog! Wait what? 
  29. Addicted to EvE 
  30. Adventures of a Pirate-Wench 
  31. Aeon's EVE  
  32. Blacklight 
  33. Not So Blinky Blinky 
  34. Etherium Reach 
  35. EVE Online Ships <-- Out of Date
  36. EVE Online Wormholes 
  37. Speed Fairy 
  38. Eve Online 0.0 Experiment (The)  <-- Out of Date
  39. New Eden Diaries (The)  
  40. Pirate Bay (The) <-- Out of Date
That's a grand total of 235 EVE Online Blogs, 94% of which are still active! I'm impressed!


Anonymous said...

CK, you are most welcome for all the help!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding my link. This post of yours is the great resource for the EVE players+bloggers.

EVE Agent said...

At the risk of sounding like an ass-kisser (which I most certainly am not) a lot of the success in EVE's blogging community can be traced right back to you, CK. Your positive attitude and energy help fuel this community, and your list brings us all together.

Thanks for your effort.

Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks guys for your feedback! We do have an amazing EVE blogging community! I'm just the seed that you've been watering and fertilizing all these years.

thehaggis said...

Do yourself a favour and split up the EveMon plan in 2 parts. Part 1 is what it will take to fly the ship and part 2 is what it will take to actually use it to it's true potential. Doesn't really change a damn thing, time wise, but i like to buy my ships early and mess around :)