Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. Invisible: 50 days to Covert Operations!

As I've recently mentioned, I'm currently training to play a different role within Phoenix Labs. I'm also tired of getting stranded in low sec or on the other side of a gate camp. Flying incognito seems like a sexy way of moving around New Eden. Screw the Pirates! :p

Using EVE Mon (@EVEMon), and based on the advice from far more knowledgeable pilots than I, I've put together the following skill plan. This includes the skills needed to fly the best reviewed Helios loadout (as provide in EVE Mon). I've been "informed" by this favorite utility of mine, that I should train some more Learning skills in order to save 5 days of total training. OK, then, but they're still boring skills!

I've put in a request to the Phoenix Labs Corp Request Department, and should be receiving 7 skill books I'm missing. Until I get those, I'm training Electronic Warfare IV. Which finishes in 35 minutes actually, and though I know I've got another skill in my queue, I just can't remember it now. Thank god for the EVE Training Queue! I've been dreaming of that forever!

I'll be able to fly the Helios as a Covert Ops pilot sooner than in the 50 days needed to train all these skills. In a month and a half from now, I'll just be impossible to find! Call me Mr. Invisible!

Anyways, your advice, comments and praises are always welcomed! Here's the 50 day queue:
  1. Logic I
  2. Focus I
  3. Logic II
  4. Focus II
  5. Logic III
  6. Electronics Upgrades V
  7. Covert Ops I
  8. Gallente Frigate V
  9. Jury Rigging I
  10. Astrometrics I
  11. Minmatar Drone Specialization I
  12. Cloaking I
  13. Jury Rigging II
  14. Astrometrics II
  15. Cloaking II
  16. Jury Rigging III
  17. Electronic Superiority Rigging I
  18. Electronic Superiority Rigging II
  19. Astrometrics III
  20. Electronic Superiority Rigging III
  21. Cloaking III
  22. Astrometrics IV
  23. Astrometric Pinpointing I
  24. Astrometric Pinpointing II
  25. Astrometric Pinpointing III
  26. Cloaking IV
  27. Covert Ops II
  28. Covert Ops III
  29. Covert Ops IV
  30. Electronic Warfare IV
  31. Astrometric Pinpointing IV
  32. Electronic Superiority Rigging IV
32 skills; Total time: 48 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes, 16 seconds; Completion: 6/30/2009


Latro said...

DOn't forget the other Astrometrics skills. They all help.

Also, once you get Cloaking IV, think about getting the el cheapo
T1 prober boat and practicing drills in "safe" space. Get a feel for how to react to gate camps, how to evade searchers, and work on your rapid probing/localization drills. All those drills should reduce your heart-rate when you first encounter baddies in yer expensive, rigged covops.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks for the info! Blog added to my blogroll btw. =) You're welcome!

Martin Cathrae said...

Enjoy, I really like this aspect of eve. I won't see you out there... ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan, now let's see you stick to it =P

My electronics upgrades V finishes in 3 hours so all that remains for me is Cloaking IV and I'm ready to hide from everyone else in Eve hehe

Have fun exploring New Eden unseen,


andy said...

i'd also bump cloaking 4 further up the list so you can practice with the t2 covops cloak sooner rather than later and get used to the cloaked warping. the rig skills prob need to be the last ones you train as like Latrodanes said - prob best to practice in highsec first where those rigs that have doubled the value of your ship arent at risk.

i have a question tho for others on here more knowledgable than i.
the setups you get on evemon for covops ships tend to either be geared towards exploration (probes, analysers, codebreakers etc) or scouting (exp probes, ewar, speed-tanking).
i was wondering about the use of covops for lowsec transporting - i have loot in 0.0 i want outta there, and am thinking am i better in a SB with covops cloak, and full on nano-tank as at least it has better armour etc. no need for scouting modules or ewar as i dont wanna be looking for trouble, neither do i want an aggression timer from the ewar targeting stopping my jump gates.

Gaming Griefer said...

I recommend training for recons.

I further recommend training for the Pilgrim.


EVE Agent said...

There are two words that bring a huge smile to my face - cloaked warping!

Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

McFly said...

I would say the truely entertaining ships are going to be the recon's currently since u fly gallente the arazu isn't too terrible, tho it will take a few explosions before u master it. Of the 4 racial force recon's the most entertaining to fly in small gangs or roamin are in order....(imho)...

1. Rapier -- slow down those nanos
2. Arazu -- ranged but in the fight
3. Pilgrim -- up close and personal
4. Falcon -- paper thin and not fun