Saturday, May 23, 2009

EVE Online Speedlinking for Saturday May 23rd, 2009

Over the last week the EVE Blogging Community literally exploded with over 200 new EVE blogs! First there was the Podlogs EVE blogging platform which launch on May 11th. With some great looking themes for all your capsuleers' content, it currently lists almost 50 EVE blogs.

Then came GameScribe, launched earlier this week as part of contest with some great EVE Online loot. The results of weeks of work and preparation by @AnMiTh, the genious behind Titan Weekly and the EVE Network News, the site now bosts more than 170 blogs!

Suffice to say, I'm hard at work trying to add all those blogs to my EVE Blogroll!

Before the explosions of new blogs happened, a few new EVE blogs had gained my attention. These are listed below.

New EVE Blogs:

EVE Chronicles

From the Community:


Oh by the way, readers familiar with the EVE Speedlinking series will have noticed that I've once again moved the day of the week when I post the lists of links. Life being what it is, it's much easier for me to post these posts over the week-end then it is during the week. Thus the new schedule. Hope you don't mind!


AnMiTh said...

Great post CK! May the Blog Community explode with the passion of a 1000 sandbox land mines!

Mandrill said...

Good to see the speedlinkage back CK. Some good finds here as ever.

Unknown said...

Your link to "Nursultan's Pirate Blag, Mission Busting Tips" is broken.

Speedlink too fast? ;)

CrazyKinux said...

This week's Speedlinking brought to you by the letter "l". Which needed to be added to Nursultran's post URL. Thanks to Bob for the notice!

Anonymous said...

Hey what a surprise. Once again you link to the same 5 blogs in your speedlinking. For someone who is supposed to be the "father" of the Eve blog scene, I would have thought you would actually read more than 1% of the blogs out there. Silly me I guess.

CrazyKinux said...

Hey mate, if you're going to take the time to insult someone, have the decency not to hide when doing it.

Now, to answer your complaint: with over 300 dedicated EVE Online blog, plus the other sites covering the MMO, I certainly don't pretend to have the time to read all of them. I don't.

The Speedlinks are an opportunity to share with my readers and to bookmark the links to interesting stories, articles, events, videos and other items that caught my attention.

They're not designed to be the exact representation of what was written by the EVE Bloggers.

If you're unhappy with my speedlinks, you're more than welcomed to start your own series!