Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Defense Grid: The Awakening beyond addictive!

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to get into a game and have some fun. In this regards an MMO like EVE Online might not do the job (though that may soon change with the mini-games in WiS like SecWars). That where a good tower game like Defense Grid can be a god given! I came across this treasure of a game reading my latest CPU magazine. The guys at Hidden Path have don't a great job and the rush you get as you near the completion of a level is priceless!

At $20, the game is a bargain (I got it through Steam at $5 during a limited time offer I imagine).

If you're looking for a simple strategy game that quickly pulls you in, then Defense Grid: The Awakening is it!


Droniac said...

I also purchased Defense Grid during the weekend when it was sold for a pittance on Steam. It's a good take on the tower defense genre, but there is one major flaw: no multiplayer.

If it had a multiplayer mode then it would've been brilliant, now it's simply good. It's better for an in-between game than WarCraft 3 Tower Defense, but WC3-TD is generally more fun because you have other players to enjoy it with. Tower defense just doesn't feel quite complete in singleplayer.

CrazyKinux said...

Multiplayer would be great. But for me single player does the job!

John Calvin Hall said...

This is oh so wrong! It's bad enough that I am seriously hooked to EVE, now you have to drop something like this in our lap!!! My son and I stayed up all night just to figure out how to stop the boss in Level 3 Demo. The result? Paying $19.95 in order to get hooked on another time wasting but addictive game!


It's all YOUR fault CK! Yer to blame. ;)

CrazyKinux said...

@John - Well at least I'm not the only addict now!! :p

JayTwining said...

Steam ID: Rerollmuch

Look me up so we can compare high scores.

CrazyKinux said...

Sweet, I will!