Monday, June 01, 2009

The EVE Blogosphere passes the 500 blogs mark!

You read that right, FIVE HUNDRED PLUS blogs! The actual total is 535, but since some of the blogs aren't active anymore, I'm not gonna be fussy with the actual headcount.

This extraordinary turn of event is the result of the enthusiasm that reigns high in the EVE Blogosphere as well as the recent work of two dedicated member of the Capsuleer Class. I'm talking about the founders of both GameScribe and Podlogs, respectively @AnMiTh and @EddieGord0.

These two individual recently came to the same conclusion, and roughly at the same time: they both wanted to provide gamers, specifically EVE players, with a blogging platform geared towards their needs. And though you'd expect these two individuals to be fighting it out so that only one EVE blogging platform remained, the opposite is the actually the case. On top of having created some of the original EVE themes for GameScribe, the creator of Podlogs recently helped his GameScribe counterpart when the site was maliciously hacked late Friday evening. Unknown to @EddieGord0, a Podlogs fan hacked into GameScribe and temporarily disabled the site.

Through herculean efforts by @AnMiTh, GameScribe went back online before the end of the week-end. And though the new GameScribe Community was shaken by the unfortunate event, the site owner has redoubled his efforts and taken every precaution possible to prevent such hacking from occuring in the future.

As a witness to these events (via emails back-and-forth with the two site owners), I saw them help each other out in a very gentlemen-like behavior. It was a moment to be proud of as a member of the EVE Blogging Community!

Now getting back to the 535 EVE blogs, I already know what some of you "glass-is-half-empty individuals" are gonna tell me: a lot of these blogs don't have any content, nor article. I agree, some of them - including the one I created for my character - don't even have one post by their author. Indeed, it remains to be scenes if all these new blogs will be active , or still be active a month from now. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that the EVE Blogosphere will thrive in the next few month. A lot of it will depend on the response we, experimented EVE Bloggers, give these blogging noobs. So if you come upon a blog that has little activity, write a comment. Maybe tease the author in writing something new. Who knows where this will lead.

And so, I leave you with this promise: in the next few weeks, I'll be working on creating several new lists, grouping these blogs by subjects matter, whether that be industry, pirate, PvP, Mission Runners, etc. But don't expect to see these lists soon, because at over 500 blogs, that's one fat gorilla!!

CK out!


Latro said...

Don't sell yourself short. You also have had a huge impact on tieing this community together.

Vol said...

To share some more credit, something that introduced me to the Eve Blogosphere was Roc & Co.'s Capsuleer.

I personally got in as a way to kill some more time (and avoid other bad habits) and to hopefully entice my non-Eve friends to strap on a pod.

Nathan Timus said...

oh well ^^
i have my own space for blogging, i won't change this only because of some PR for EVE blogging.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks guys!Yeah, Roc's blog is a great inspiration for IC bloggers!

Anonymous said...

535 blogs, holy frakking Fedoes!!!

Yes, an OPML update is coming. I go away for vacation and come back to twice as many blogs as there were when I left.

Everyone please do be patient as I get all the new blogs into the OPML download.

Kai Honsou said...


I have a eve guide blog that im trying to put out there. Im new to blogging so any feedback is welcome!

This is a great blog by the way. I've added it to my blogroll and it would be great if you could throw mine on yours :)

Look foward to hearing from you soon.


Tipa said...

So who do you have to kill to get on EVE blog list? :P

vanadiel said...

Hi CK, i've become an addict of capsuleer and that's how i got to know you. i've launched myself into blogging aswell and i linked your blog on

thanks for "the drone bay" aswell, you guys are awesome.

CrazyKinux said...

@Vanadiel - Capsuleer is one great little utility, so are the guys behind it! Thanks for the praise btw. I'll be adding your blog shortly and will mention it on the next Speedlinking post!