Friday, June 05, 2009

The Drone Bay: Episode 21 - Fanfest 2009 Preview Special

Recorded earlier this week, the latest Drone Bay podcast was released today. Though I couldn't join Crovan and Alsedrech as the show was recorded during my work day, my podcast mates did a good job torturing the 3 devs present to get the most information from them on the next EVE Online Fanfest! Well, seducing might be a better term than torture.

Having been at Fanfest myself, I highly recommend that you attend if not this year, at least once! Have a listen and you'll get a brief idea of the amount of fun, facts and friends you'll discover if you decided to attend the Party at the top of the world!

Here's a few links to my account of the fanfest last year!
Good to hear you guys again!

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