Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Video: Star Wars - The Old Republic

I don't consider myself a Star Wars "fan". Yes I've seen all the movies and most of the mini-series, but any geek who considers himself or herself as such, will have at least done so. Nevertheless, of all the current MMOs in development, Star War The Old Republic has got to be the one I'm most curious and excited about. So when LucasArts and Bioware released the following video during E3, the Force was flowing in my veins like there's no tomorrow!

So? Any goose bumps?


Scopique said...

This trailer looks great. Being a starwars fan (although not a hardcore fanboy), I am looking forward to it.
With trailers like this however, I suppose the number of people who want to play a jedi will increase even more. I hope it's going to be balanced. Oh, and I hope it's not going to be WoW in space: "Greetings, great Jedi master Yodaxxor, before you go and save the planet, could you please collect 10 Wookiee paws? I'll give you a few cookies and this shiny lightsabre +10 as a reward!"

CrazyKinux said...

Knowing Bioware and looking at their past games, I'd be very surprised if they went with those sorts of flimsy quests. They're much more prone to go for a story driven approach.

Here a look at the latest screenshots I got this morning in my daily GameSpot email.