Saturday, June 06, 2009

EVE Online Speedlinking for Saturday June 6th, 2009

It's been a very busy 2 weeks in the EVE blogging community. Indeed, early on Monday was added almost 300 new EVE blogs to my EVE Blogroll. The vast majority of the new blogs came over from Podlogs and Gamescribe, 2 new blogging platforms geared towards EVE Bloggers. Usually I list the new blogs on my Speedlinking posts, but in this case I've decided to part with tradition and only add those blogs which the owners have taken the effort to either post a comment on the Blogroll, or have written to me personally, letting me know about their new EVE blog. That's the list of blogs you'll find below.

Amongst the new blogs of the last 2 weeks:
Some in the EVE blogging community have voiced their concerns that so many new blogs might not be the best for the health of our nascent community. I amongst them, was certainly concerned enough to mention that quite a few of these new blogs might not be around for long, and may already have followed the Dodo. None though, have been as loud and elaborate in voicing their opinion then long time EVE blogger Spectre over at EVE Newb. You just have to head over and read "Your blog sucks". There's no way to sumarize that kind of post!

New EVE Blogging Community Monthly Extravaganza

EVE QEN Q1-2009

New EVE Novel (upcoming)


Non-EVE Gaming news items (mostly E3 stuff!)
There you folks, see you again in 2 weeks. Well in regards to the Speedlinking that is! :D


Anonymous said...

I can see the point you are making in your post. I recently started a Eve online blog and im really committed to it. It's genuinely fun adding content and getting peoples feedback.

Writing what i done today on Eve is something i cant and wont do, I would even attempt to try. Partly because im not creative enough to have a fascinating post about whatever i do in Eve, and more impotently all i do in eve is look at the market screen and grind missions.

Again, great post btw =D


Anonymous said...

My first post on another blog is embaressingly on the wrong blog.


CrazyKinux said...

You mean your "first comment on another blog is embaressingly on the wrong post" actually! :p But I get what you're saying mate! No worries! :D

Nathan Timus said...

Thanks :)

But well, what do you mean with "may already have followed the Dodo"?
Is this some kind of figure of speech or do i miss the point? ^^

~Nathan Timus

AnMiTh said...

"Your blog sucks" - I'm not sure what to say about such a post... While I agree that a bunch of "dead" blogs taking up space is annoying, I do not agree with the "your blog sucks" mantra.

In my opinion we all have the right to blog about EVE. If you find a blog boring, or worthless DONT READ IT. But to turn away new bloggers like this... I am very disappointed... I cant believe that you would spread that garbage CK.

Also, One last thing. The "Blog Roll Lovefest" is meant to be a directory or listing of ALL EVE Blogs "boring" or not all eve related blogs deserve to be listed. If you want to read only the best EVE blogs, that is what the "EVE Blog Pack" is for... Aren't I correct CK?

CrazyKinux said...

@AnMiTh - I can understand your concern when it comes to turning away new EVE bloggers by such attitude. Then again, all things being equal, you have to agree that Spectre's post is pretty innocent.

Actually, considering it's from Spectre at all, one should know to take it with a grain of salt.

I made sure to have that post in today's Speedlink for 2 simple reasons. Number One, it's somewhat provocative and opiniated, and that usually causes some good conversations. Number Two, being provocative, I wanted the new bloggers to be "stimulated" in proving him wrong.

Last point, yes, the EVE Blog Pack is the Elite of EVE blogging, whereas the EVE Blogroll is a full listing of past, current, active and no-longer active EVE Blogs. Spectre should know better! :p

AnMiTh said...

Oh, wow.. My comment came off a little hot didn't it.. :P

I just get heated when someone has the nerve to say other peoples stuff sucks...

CrazyKinux said...

No worries mate! In the end it's just Intertubes spaceships! :p

Free T Shirts said...

Great set of sites for EVE players.

CrazyKinux said...

Glad you liked mate, now can I get my Free T-Shirt? :p

Unknown said...

Thanks for including Declarations of War on your speedlinking post.

I do understand that there are tons and tons of new blogs out there but some of them are here for a legit reason. Some of us plan on staying with it when the other 95% stop updating.

Anyways thanks again and if anyone wants to watch a blog/podcast that will continue to grow and not die like some newer ones have, give us a look.

We are trying something new to eve blogging very shortly as well, a "video" blog entry... If it isnt so new I'm sorry. We're doing it anyways. :)

CrazyKinux said...

Just stay the course mate. Don't let others dissuade you from you love of EVE and of blogging. As for that Video/Blog idea, I'm really curious and can't wait to see it!

Unknown said...

The video blog post is up now. I'll add an intro and some effects to it next time I think.

Alek sent it to me last night and I posted it shortly after.

Silver Night said...

I think dead blogs at least are a general issue for any community. On the topic of boring blogs, well, I imagine that someone unfamiliar with Eve wouldn't be interested in most of these. It is fairly subjective. Then again, some people (I hope not me) are rather boring writers.

On a related note, I've blogs:

Silver's Fiction Blog - A blog where I post stories, as the name suggests, and

Amieta's Journal - An In-Character blog for one of my characters.

I've been keeping them up for a few months now, though I did initially worry that I would lack the commitment to keep up with them. Actually in the middle of a 5 part collaborative story with a blogger who was sharp enough to bring herself to CK's attention already, Ciarente.

Spectre said...

AnMiTh: I like to think that CK linked to my post not because he agreed with its sentiments but because it is FUNNY. Don't take it so seriously and realize that while some of it is real opinion, a majority of it is sarcastic humor. You notice that one of the three blogs I directly insulted was my own? Maybe you missed that part :)

Anyhow, thanks for the link CK.

CrazyKinux said...

@Silver Night - Thanks for dropping by and keep up the good work! I'll be adding your blogs shortly!

@Spectre - Right on the money sir! Funny as hell! :D

Unknown said...

We just put up our first full length podcast over at:

@CrazyKinux - What did you think about our Video Blog post?
We're trying pretty hard to be one of the blogs that can make it onto your Blog Pack one day. :)


CrazyKinux said...

Congrats Brandon on the new podcast and video blog! I've listened a bit to both and plan to finish listening later today. You guys are on a roll it seems! Would you be interested in a position on the Blog Pack would one open up shortly? :p

Unknown said...

@CrazyKinux - Yea I'd be interested in being included in the Blog Pack list. Sounds like fun. =)