Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EVE Blog Banter #9: If I were a CCP Dev I would...

Welcome to the ninth installment of the EVE Blog Banter and its first contest, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed here. Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

"Last month Ga'len asked us which game mechanic we would most like to see added to EVE. This month Keith "WebMandrill" Nielson proposes to reverse the question and ask what may be a controversial question: Which game mechanic would you most like to see removed completely from EVE and why? I can see this getting quite heated so lets keep it civil eh?"

Since I'll be judging this banter for the contest, along with my fellow judges James Egan and Richie Shoemaker, I've deceided not to participate and to focus my attention on going through the articles. Please remember that the banter and article submission is open for one (1) week. After which, no additional articles will get added or be open to the contest. Good luck to all!

List of Participants:
    1. Diary of a Space Jockey, Blog Banter: BE GONE!
    2. EVE Newb, (EVE) Remove You
    3. Miner With Fangs, Blog Banter - It's the Scotch
    4. The Eden Explorer, Blog Banter: The Map! The Map!
    5. The Wandering Druid of Tranquility, "Beacons, beacons, beacons, beacons, beacons, mushroom, MUSHROOM!!!"
    6. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, Kill the Rats
    7. Mercspector @ EVE, Scotty
    8. EVE's Weekend Warrior, EVE Blog Banter #9
    9. A Merry Life and a Short One, Eve Blog Banter #9: Why Won't You Die?
    10. Into the unknown with gun and camera, Blog Banter – The Hokey Cokey
    11. The Flightless Geek, EVE Blog Banter #9: Remove a Game Mechanic
    12. Sweet Little Bad Girl, Blog Banter 9: Who is Nibbling at My House?
    13. One Man and His Spaceship, Blog Banter 9: What could you do without?
    14. Life in Low Sec, EVE Blog Banter #9: Stop Tarnishing My Halo
    15. Cle Demaari: Citizen, Blog Banter #9: Training for all my men!
    16. A Mule in EVE, He who giveth, also taketh away?
    17. Dense Veldspar, Blog Banter 9
    18. Morphisat’s Blog, Blog Banter #9 – Randomness Be Gone !
    19. Facepalm's Blog, EVE Blog Banter #9: What a new pilot could do without
    20. Memoires of New Eden, You're Fired
    21. Kyle Langdon's Journeys in EVE, EVE Blog Banter #9 Titans? What's a Titan?
    22. Achernar, The gates! The gates are down!
    23. Speed Fairy, EVE Blog Banter #9: Down with Downtime!
    24. I am Keith Neilson, EVE Blog Banter #9-F**K Da Police
    25. Ripe Lacunae, The UI… Where do I begin… (Eve Blog Banter #9)
    26. Clown Punchers, EvE Blogs: What game mechanic would you get rid of?
    27. Estel Arador Corp Services, You've got mail
    28. Epic Slant, Let Mom and Pop Play: EVE Blog Banter #9
    29. Deaf Plasma's EVE Musings, Blog Banter #9 - Removal of Anchoring Delay of POS modules
    30. Podded Once Again, Blog Banter #9 - Do we really need to go AFK?
    31. Postcards from EVE, 2009.
    32. Harbinger Zero, Blog Banter #9 – War Declarations & Sec Status
    33. Warp Scrammed, Blog Banter 9 – Never Too Fast
    34. Ecaf Ersa (EVE Mag), Can a Tractor Tractor a Can?
    35. Thoughts from an Accidental Minmatar Revolutionary, EVE Blog Banter #9 - Aggression timers, WTs and Stargates
    36. Mike Azariah, I don't put much stock in it...
    37. Rettic's Log, Blog Banter: Overview Overload
    38. A Sebiestor Scholar, [OOC] EVE Blog Banter #9: Slaves
    39. Diary of a pod pilot, [OOC] EVE blog banter #9: Because of Falcon
    40. Roc's Ramblings, Blog Banter #9 – Taking Things Slow
    41. The Gaming-Griefer, EVE Sucks, But I Love It: The Memoir of a Masochist
    42. Letrange's EVE Blog, Blog Banter #9: Bye Bye Learning Skills
    43. Lyietfinvar, Remove that monopoly
    44. Sceadugenga, Blog Banter #9
    45. Industrialist with Teeth, EVE Blog Banter #9
    [ To the Participants: please make sure to add the Introduction (first two paragraphs of this post) to your Banter, as well as the list pf participants at the end. Then, comment on each others post! ]


                Teister said...

                How do I get in on this action?

                Skrasek said...

                I just started my blog recently, but I was wondering if I could join in on this contest and write an article? And if so what would I need to do?

                Kyle Langdon said...

                Just finished ye olde post so here is the link...


                CrazyKinux said...

                @Teister, @Skrasek - Simply write your article, and add the two first paragraphs (the intro) and the list of participants to it. Then email me (crazykinux@gmail.com) or add a comment just as Kyle did.

                @Kyle - Adding yours shortly!

                Anonymous said...

                CK great work as always mu friend...job WELL DONE!

                Your pal ~Manasi

                Ghenna said...

                Just finished my Banter, going to start reading through the others now.

                Here's the URL.


                Teister said...



                CrazyKinux said...

                Am having difficulties editing this article. Blogger won't let me publish it. Looking into issue. Will post your articles as soon as I'm able to!

                CrazyKinux said...

                Seems adding my above comment resolved the issue. Added @Ghenna's and @Teister's banter articles. Interesting URL you've got there @Teister! Glad you enjoy The Drone Bay.

                Teister said...

                hmm, that is a pretty sexy URL. Stranged it didn't change when I changed the title though.

                Hamno said...

                After reading the Blog Banters for quite some time now, its nice to finally join in!


                CountFenring said...


                hope it's up to par

                Estel Arador said...

                Hi CrazyKinux,

                I've written the following post as a contribution to the blog banter:
                You've got mail

                (sorry about making the Anonymous post)

                CrazyKinux said...

                Added the last few links! Thanks!

                Anonymous said...

                Okay, just wrote my first contribution to the blog banter. It's here: http://scrammed.goodfriends.ca/2009/07/blog-banter-9-never-too-fast/ !

                Thorvik said...

                Count me in!

                EQ2 Accounts said...

                This is a really interesting posting. I would also like to start off with the action. I shall join the others soon.

                Anonymous said...

                Hey CK!

                Here's my submission: Overview Overload


                Myrhial Arkenath said...


                Still in time I hope. And yeah, I had the title wrong at first, so ignore the words in the link. Real title is "[OOC] EVE blog banter #9: Because of falcon".

                Letrange said...

                just in case I'm still in time


                M.Linde said...

                Finally got internet in the new home and was able to post. If I missed the deadline, it's OK - but here's mine: http://mclinde.mygamescribe.com/

                Gaming Griefer said...

                Do I need to edit my post?

                I linked it to the contest creatively... can do if necessary.

                Teister said...

                Where the hell is my keychain already....

                Spectre said...

                Hey CK, what is the ETA on the winners? A day or more like a few weeks? I know that is an assload of entries you guys have to read through.

                CrazyKinux said...

                As I mentioned in the Contest post, the results are to be published on the 13th of July. See the contest rules for all the details

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                hey great job done by ck as usual its awesome...

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                Hey;CK you have done great job >>>>>>>>...keep it up

                CrazyKinux said...


                wow account said...

                Its a really nice posting and i would like to try it .....

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