Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EVE Online Scenic Wallpaper Competition - The Judging begins!

When we launched the EVE Wallpaper Competition I never expected such a great turnout and so many amazing screenshots to grace our desktops. And though it took a bit more work to put together the listings and make sure all the submissions were in and all the little details, I've gotta say it was worth it. Here below are the listing for all the Scenic entries. This subset of the Wallpaper Contest Set can be accessed on this Flickr Scenic set.
  1. Cozmik R5
  2. Tom Dreyfus
  3. Zanthar Eos
  4. Epegi Givo
  5. Lance Fighter
  6. Zargyl
  7. Opiboble Inte
  8. Mal Iss
  9. Manasi
  10. Che Biko
  11. Ibo Tpmp
  12. Cle Demaari
  13. Charlotte Munt
  14. Velocity Prime
  15. Beowolf Schaefer
  16. Korleena
Now since our sponsors were so generous with their donations, I'm happy to announce that each category will have 3 winners: 1st place getting 500 Million ISK, 2nd place 200 Million ISK and 3rd place 50 Million ISK! The judging will be done over the next 3 days days and all 6 winners will be announced by end of day on Friday April 2nd.

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