Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EVE Online Video: Future Proof Part 1 and 2

Once in a while, the EVE community gives birth to some amazing talent and creations. The following video (part1 and 2) is a great example. The author of this breathtaking animation is Kale Ryoko (YouTube - EVE Forums - @EndStar - EndStar's Blog) who describes the project as follows:
After seven months and seven hundred cans of red-bull, I can finally show you guys what happens when you put New Eden, the Unreal 3 Engine and large quantities of caffeine into a blender.
This was my first jump into the Unreal 3 Engine, as well as my first for a fair few programs. It all began as a University project to show the progression of cinematics within game engines.
My love for the EVE Universe and writing EVE fiction were the real inspiration for this Machinima. This meant that the film was not going to portray a world ruled by game mechanics, but rather an alternate reality of EVE that I use when I write fiction.
Huge thanks to Kyoko Sakoda for his utter genius and support during this project, as well as everyone who helped me with this, whether it was inspiration, motivation, or ensuring I was well fed during its development. 

Music credits are:

Steve Jablonsky - Matrix of Leadership
The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance
Groove Addicts - Hellbent
Hans Zimmer - Betrayal
Brian Tyler - Touge
The Prodigy - Omen (Noisia Remix)


Ville said...

That. is. AWESOME! :D

Rixx Javix said...

I wanna play THAT game!!

CrazyKinux said...

@Bryan - Agreed! :p

Michael Tice said...

Very nice. The first video, up until the opening credits, felt like I was watching the beginning of an episode of BSG. I kept expecting the music to kick into drums and quick cuts of action scenes.

Curious as to why he brought in two Frikis and referred to them as hostile Rifters, but that is nitpicking an amazing couple of videos.

Shava said...

Passed on a RT! But... Why do people have to do atmospheric sound effects for space battles. *sigh*

Wayne said...

WOW!! That was awesome.

Unknown said...

Good, but its no Clear Skies...

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...


Wish EVE had some of those action and graphics!