Monday, March 01, 2010

The New, Improved and Expanded EVE Online Blog Pack

It's original creation goes back almost 2 years, when I hand picked 18 blogs to represent the best amongst the bloggers within the young and nascent EVE Blogging Community. Over the course of the next two years this same Community would explode in numbers, quality and diversity. Today, with over 500 EVE Bloggers out there, it most likely is the biggest, most organized MMO blogging community!

As a result, the EVE Blog pack had to evolve. And though this evolution got off to a rocky start, in the end I believe that the new Blog Pack, who's members you see listed below, is stronger and more representative of what's out there in the EVE Blogging Community.

The blogs below were chosen for their quality, originality, regularity as well as potential for greatness. Some are well established blogs, some are in character (IC), others not, some try to tell a story, while others try to share advice, knowledge and experience. In the end they are all great blogs, amongst the hundred out there.

When I look at the list below, I see familiar faces, old and new. I see the voices of experience, and the determination of the rookies. For all of these blogs, I am happy to welcome you in the EVE Blog Pack.

Give yourselves a big round of applause!

[UPDATE: Somehow, Nash Kadavr's blog slipped in a crack and was missed when I put the final list together. His addition puts the list at 50+1 blogs! The more fools, the more fun we'll have!]
  1. A Ghost Blog
  2. A Merry Life and a Short One
  3. A Mule in EVE
  4. Astral's EVE Trial by Fire
  5. Beginnings of Piracy
  6. Captains Log (The)
  7. Chocolate Heaven
  8. CrazyKinux's Musing
  9. Deafplasma's EVE Musings
  10. Dense Veldspar
  11. Diary of a Bored Spaceman
  12. Diary of a Pod Pilot
  13. Ecliptic Rift
  14. Elitist (The)
  15. EVE Monkey
  16. EVE Newb
  17. EVE Online Wormholes
  18. EVE Travel
  19. EVE's Weekend Warrior
  21. Finders and Keepers
  22. Flashfresh - a pirate.
  23. Freebooted
  24. Guns Ablaze
  25. Hands off, My Loots!
  26. Helicity Boson
  27. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah
  28. Jump on Contact
  29. Jumping through Wormholes
  30. K162space
  31. Kane Rizzel - a Pirates Perspective
  32. Kirith Darkblade
  33. Learning to Fly
  34. Letrange's EvE Blog
  35. Life in Low Sec
  36. Mike Azariah - A Missioneer in EVE
  37. Morphisat's Blog
  38. My Loot, Your Tears
  39. Nash Kadavr's EVE Blog
  40. Our EvE
  41. Planet Risk Show
  42. postings from the edge
  43. Rettic's Log
  44. Rifter Drifter
  45. Roc's Ramblings
  46. Sweet Little Bad Girl
  47. Tales of Clan Oriana (The)
  48. To Boldly Go
  49. Venoms Bite
  50. Wench with a Wrench
  51. Yarrbear Tales
Know that I deliberately did not link back to the original blogs. Not yet. Not on this post. The official listing of the Blog Pack still resides on that original post of June 2008. And though I'll need a bit of time over the next day or so to update that post with the additional 24 new blogs, as well as update the Google Reader RSS feed and my Blogger widget, I wanted to share the list with you! It will also serve as a permanent mark, to remind us what that listing was on this day.

And moving forward, every time I'll make important changes to the Pack, I'll make such a post to commemorate the blogs that were part of this! It's an EVE Blogging Community History, one I am not willing to forget. One which I want to remember, for past, current as well as future members of the Pack!


Myrhial Arkenath said...

Woohoo, happy to see some blogs I recommended making it on the list. And of course still being on it myself.

Anonymous said...

Hooray hooray! Well done CK! Well done indeed!

Unknown said...

I am glad the list has grown in the end. Thanks for the hard work CK.

Latro said...

Congratz on completing the painful task and I am glad to see that most, if not all, of the ones I follow are included.

Lea said...

Wow! Thanks CK, I am flattered my blog is held with enough regard to be included!! It means a lot! Even more incentive to continue Maeve's story as we grow together.

A few blogs on here I haven't read yet as well, I look forward to expanding my reading! \o/

Mail Lite said...

Jumping Jimminies! My blog is on that list!

Never expected that.

Thanks CK and anyone else who read my blog so far. Soon as i get home from work I will get to adding the rest of the blog pack to my own blog roll.


Th0rG0d said...

Excellent!! All the blogs I read anyway!! Fantastic job! One day, after my own blog gets more posts and more visiters, I hope to be on there too!

Check out Adrift in New Eden

Star Defender said...

Thanks as always for the personal effort and aggregating some great writers CK. I posted a link and will update the blogroll ASAP.

Fly Safe!

Velocity Prime said...

Any blog pack member that links to my blog will receive a free weeks worth of harrassment-free mission running and a giant stack of Exotic Dancers.

Come on, you know you want to...

Unknown said...

With the overhaul of the blog pack, it does'nt fit me anymore.

There way to much useless stuff in it now(Fan fiction to name only one).

I was reading it to have some concise follow up of the Eve world ; now i actually have to skim through it to find interesting stuff... if i wanted that, i would have subscribe to already existing blotted blog pack like OPML.

The worst part in that, it's that CK had the right idea to start with and it's the rest of the self-righteous blogger who made him change it's mind.

Let's hope it still gonna be able to be usefull to the new player looking for en entry point in the Eve community, and not just to the blogger who like to read about other blogger (that's a Closed Community that my friend).

P.S. Seem i have a lot to say, maybe i should start a blog...