Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Video: Black Prophecy Official Game Trailer

...or as Roc likes to call it "Fighter Drone pilots"! Still, you have to admit the game looks great! And I must say I'm happy to see another Space-based MMO see the day. It can only pressure the Devs from CCP Games to make EVE Online better!

Come to think of it, a fighter pilot FPS seems like a fun idea!


Anonymous said...

I'm telling ya, if CCP makes the next big expansion manually flown fighter drones (including bombers), Black Prophecy would be out of business before it can even begin.

How epic would it be to FC a large capital fleet, then direct your fighter pilots to begin their assault?

Me wants.

Gremrod said...

There was one out called Space Cowboys. Then gpotatoe let the license for it lapse and someone else picked up and it went under the title Flysis.

Can't seem to find it now. I use to play it and it was FPS pilot F2P MMOG and I think of it when I watch BPs videos.

Gremrod said...

Flysis was a blast and I am sure BlackProhecy will be a blast too.

James Muscat said...

BP does look good... but I still hold out hope for my dream of EVE-meets-Frontier-meets-TIE-Fighter ultimate game ;-)

CrazyKinux said...

All in due time James! All in due time! :p

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

My thoughts exactly. But I'm sure this will fill in the space shooter gap for a while... until CCP puts out an expansion that literally blows it out of space!