Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The ever expanding EVE Blogosphere! - Part 4

Not a week goes by without a few new EVE Blogs seeing the light of day. The last 10 days is no different! So here are the latest blogs to get added to the EVE Blogosphere:
  1. Tulirs Ramblings
  2. EVE Online Reviewed
  3. The Light of the Stars
  4. Diary of a Garbageman
  5. EVE's Parity Bit
  6. The Woe
  7. Pod Splatter
Please take note that Tyrodia's EVE Blog should now be referred to as Flying Free.

Finally, though we're sadenned to learn that EVE Monkey is leaving New Eden, we're very happy to welcome in the EVE Blog Pack our newest member @Lumenarious_Rex and his blog "A Scout's Domain"! Welcome a board mate!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks CK :)

Latro said...

CK, please remove Latro's Bunker from the rolls. I have closed it down. Thanks. Fly safe.