Friday, January 07, 2011

The Great EVE Blog Pack Clean-Up - Early 2011 Edition

It's that time of the year again. Those of you that have been reading this blog for sometime now know that every now and then I do a little clean-up operation with the EVE Blog Pack membership. Call it a "shake n' bake" ops if you will. Though I try to enforce the Pack's Rules & Regulations on a regular basis, sometimes a good good ol'fashion clean-up is just needed.

So, as I've done in the past on numerous occasions, I'll be retiring all non-active blogs, blogs that have not had a post in over a month, or who's owners have asked to be removed (yes that does happen!).

So all of you who've always wanted to be part of the Pack, this is once again a chance to be part of this elite group! Hell, I might even re-apply myself! As I tweeted yesterday, I invite you all to submit your blogs or those you enjoy who you see as a good fit for the Pack. As long as they abide by the Rules of the Pack, I'll be willing to consider their inclusion.

So far, here's the suggestions received that I'm considering:
Plenty of great blogs out there, so please keep those suggestions coming!

Looking forward to the next iteration of the EVE Blog Pack!


Anonymous said...

Hello blog father, would it be possible for my blog "The Durzo Chronicles" to be considered for the Eve Blog pack..

PS I second the recommendation for the "Tiger Ears" blog, I read every post and it's inspired me to through myself into a WH in the next ocuple of weeks.

Fly safe

CrazyKinux said...

@durzosmith - Considered!

Anonymous said...

Please consider my blog, Diary of a Garbageman for the pack, it is located at:


Lexx said...

I'd like to recommend 'Where The Frack Is My Ship'- a funny, well-written and relevant blog.

Thank you kind sir! :)

MissX934 said...

I would like to put forward my blog:

Unknown said...

I would like to put my Blog up for consideration:
Lots of good pvp information

Cohen said...

please consider my blog:

Serenity one

Mat Westhorpe said...

Rebecca Aventine's EVE Privateer ( is a well-written travelling reporter style blog that I frequently enjoy and would thoroughly recommend. She's currently in Goon territory I believe.

Think EVE Travel with guns.

Laedy said...

I would also like to recommend Eelis' blog "where the Frack is my ship? :

She blogs entertainingly very regularly and to a wide audience.

noise said...

You have listed Tiger Ears as one of the blogs your considering but it's already in the Blog Pack!

noise said...

Ah. I see now. It's listed on the blog pack page but doesn't appear in the feed!

pjharvey said...

It's an honour to appear twice.