Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazing Video of Ambulation Character Creation

The fine folks at TenTonHammer (TTH) have done it again. Earlier this week they released a really cool video of a Comic Con presentation from Ben Mathis, Character Artist at CCP. In the video, Ben goes over the Character Creation process which we'll soon have a chance to play with, when Ambulation comes out - remember that we will all have to redo our character's look when it rolls out.

In the video Ben explains that as they've done with the ships and station with the release of Trinity, they want to move away from cartoony looking avatars and get closer to a realistic and shadowy look. The character creation process looks something like this:
  • bloodline
  • physique (skinny to fat)
    • depending on your weight/height ratio, you will walk differently
  • complexion
  • facial modifiers (tattoos, scars, make-up, freckles, etc)
  • facial hair
  • hair styles
  • costumes
He goes on to say that avatars will have mood and be allowed to portray facial expression - that depending on your mood your expressions will differ.

He then goes into details about the costumes and interior decor and how professional fashion designers (costumes) and architects (interior decors) worked on Ambulation.

There is a bit of old info, but being able to see CCP's latest work on Ambulation is really amazing.

So head over to TTH and take a look at that video!

/me wipes the drool off my chin...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When I saw this vid in Verone's thread, I had a joygasm! I can't believe the level of detail they're going to in this project... I just hope my PC can handle it when it hits.

CrazyKinux said...

Well from what Ben was saying, if your rig can run Trinity II without a hitch, it should run Ambulation without any problems!