Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Mighty ORE Rorqual in siege mode

ORE Rorqual

A few nights ago PPL members were in a low sec system mining ice. We've established a POS (Player Owned Structure) and have started our mining operation. Before heading out in my trusty (not rusty) Iteron Mark V to haul all that ice, I took some shots of the mighty and impressive Rorqual. Which reminds me, here are 3 videos showing the behemoth going into siege mode, as this one above has.

Have you seen one in transformation?


Anonymous said...

One day, my Corp lost a few carriers due to fc's fault.
So we organized a huge mining op, with both our industrialists and our pvp-people, with combat ships ready at a pos.

We had four hangars online and two rorquals in siege. The sight of two of those things standing next to each other was beatiful.

Sadly, if you didn't notice: They can't move, but can be bumped. As they normally operate near a hangar, incoming haulers tend to bump them when warping in. :(

CrazyKinux said...

You wouldn't happen to have a screenshot of that operation with the 2 Rorqual would you? That would be a great shot!

As for the bumping, it is somewhat annoying. And that goes for ships (Titans especially), asteriods and other objects. I wish CCP would do something to prevent it. That and warping through objects, stations and planets. A visual annoyance for me.

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot Rorquals even existed until I read this. I've only ever seen screenshots (when it was first released and now), I've yet to actually see one in person.

Anonymous said...

I only have a video of the rorquals..sadly, i forgot to disable the cursor in fraps before starting.. (29mb, 29 seconds)

This is before they went into siege, and before we deployed two additional hangars because the first two were full.
(Was hell of an op. I think i counted about 30-35 barges on scanner. The belts in that system were so empty after that..)