Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Drone Bay: Episode 9 - Astrology V Completed

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Show notes:

Episode 9 is here, and the cards show us that this will be a bit of a long show.

Bring on the Drones:

In the weekly recap, BoB attacks MC in Querious and Period Basis. Crovan's first article goes up on Massively! Also, CK joins the ranks at Massively. Look forward to more from the Drone Bay crew!

The DON'T PANIC topic for this week is fleet interaction, and how to deal with the confusing new boxes and buttons that show up when you join a gang.

Mail gets answered, as usual, and the guys have an mp3 submission!

Tool time returns with EVE Fitting Tool. Don't undock without it!

Back to bloopers this week, and make sure to listen in before the bloopers, after the show, for our first listener segment!

Also, from last week, the video on logical fallacies. A must-read for EVE-O forum dwellers!

Contact Info:

GAX Online Group: The Drone Bay

dronebay[at] (comments/questions for everyone)

Skype: Dronebay

Bitter Old Noob (Crovan)
CrazyKinux's Musing
The Littlest Drone (Alsedrech)

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