Thursday, May 15, 2008

EVE Strategic Maps is on its way!

This morning I got wonderful news that my copy of ESM had shipped and was on its way from across the pond. From what I've been told the pre-orders were very numerous and the guys at MMMPublishing were busy packaging each copy to be sent to their proud owners!

Just to let you know that (finally) your copy(ies) of the long-awaited EVE Strategic Maps has (have) now shipped. Yes, your EVE experience is about to
become a whole lot easier...

When you receive your package you will, we hope, appreciate the reason for the delay - a completely new region coming in the Empyrean Age expansion - Black Rise. EVE Strategic Maps includes this new region, and you are one of the first to have this advance information for an area of New Eden not yet open for business. Use that knowledge wisely...

Suffice to say, thank you for your patience. It is not possible, or realistic at least, to email every buyer individually, hence this 'form' email. Some of you only ordered in the last 48 hours - but for some it is nearly 48 days ago that EVE Strategic Maps became the most eagerly awaited drop from the mailman.

We hope you like it. Serenity Steele has worked tirelessly for many, many months to bring you the ultimate in EVE geography. We applaud his efforts, as will you. Here at MMM Publishing, we are now delighted to bring it to fruition. Now, time to wait for that thud on the door mat...


The E-ON / ESM team

Now if Canada Post can do it's job properly and not butcher the package, I'll be ecstatic!!

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