Thursday, May 22, 2008

If EVE Online were a First-Person Shooter... would probably look something close to Gears of War.

These days, when I'm not playing EVE and I need to get a quick fix of adrenaline, I slap in Gears of War in my 360 and start shooting and chopping Locusts like there's no tomorrow. And ever since I first saw trailers for this game, it's always reminded of what EVE Online might look like if an FPS were designed around it.

What I wouldn't give to play through a level based on the Man-Eater chronicle of EON issue #008, or maybe Legionnaire back in issue #001. Gears of War has that dark gritty and horror feel to it that would be the perfect setting for an EVE Online FPS. Don't you think?

And speaking of Gears of War, here's a clip that shows some of the action that we'll get to enjoy when Gears of War 2 comes out this November.

You can download the HD video here if you're interested!

Move out!


Anonymous said...

Gears has an incredible atmosphere, and the co-op play is a great laugh. It's hard to describe, but the combat just feels so solid compared to some other games.

Once you find out that the player's character and Bender are voiced by the same person though it does mean that the next time you play you giggle a bit as you hear snippets of Bender every so often as he speaks.

CrazyKinux said...

Actually I'm surprised how well John Di Maggio was able to change his voice. Yeah, once you know you can pick-up a few cue here and there. But overall unless you're really nitpicking you'd never know.


Alan said...

Cool site, I've been thinking about trying out eve online with it's 14 day trial. Will get to it one of these days hopefully.

Spectre said...

Most fun I have ever had with a co-op game was Gears of War... not counting MMO's of course :)

CrazyKinux said...

@Alan - Thks. When you do decide to do the 14-day trial, make sure you use the link at the top of the right column!

@Spectre - Ripping through a friend with that chainsaw is a blast!


Anonymous said...

ok for anyone who has played planetside the mechanics of that game witch is a mmofps, throw in gears gameplay, then fuse it in with eve = the best game evermade handsdown. just imagine your fighting for a base on the surface of a snowy planet and its all pvp with a gears feel to it(btw i love gears get owned by IClockwerkI)
and the enemy is overunning you. now your screwd
oh wait theres a dreadnaught that just entered orbit and is going to provide orbital bombardment support yay! and its your buddy at the wheel, now of course eve would have to take on some changes but the new station walking and atmospheric flight is the right path towards what i dream about when i think of the ultimate game.

CrazyKinux said...

Sounds indeed like a cool game!