Tuesday, May 06, 2008

EVE Online CSM - Have you chosen your candidate?

I've done it! I've cast my vote. I've given a stranger my vote of confidence to bring a level-headed discourse to CCP and improve the game I love so much. I just hope he (or she) stands by his (or her) word.

But I won't tell you who I voted for. I will though, narrow it down for you. You see, I want you to do as I did, and take the time to go through each players profile, read up on his (or her) views and make up your own mind as to who should have the honor of being elected to the 1st ever Council of Stellar Management.

Having gone through the full list of candidates, 14 caught my attention. Of those, I chose one. I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to vote for all 9 of the candidates I thought should, in my opinion, make up the CSM. That's what I would have expected. Everyone votes for their 9 candidates and in the end, 9 candidates that (out of the 61 who offered themselves) get to fly to Iceland in June. Doing it that way should have avoided polarized votes, which is likely to happen with the current implementation CCP has chosen. We'll just have to wait for the results now.

Though I won't tell you my choice, I will give you the names of those 14 candidates out of which I made my pick. All of them, had a website, and each showed some effort in trying to convince me that they should get my vote. They took the time to go over their platform and all seemed serious about the CSM. Though EVE is just a game, it's also a hobby in which I invest a good chunk of my time. I'd like whoever will represent me in front of CCP to do it intelligently, convincingly and respectfully. Each of the following candidates convinced me they would.

Here they are, in no particular order:
So there you have it. Fourteen dedicated players, who've put considerable thought on the CSM and why they should get our votes. They've done their parts, now its all up to us! Happy voting!


AlisonW said...

I found your post through the wonders of Google Alerts, so thank you for placing me on your list. I agree that this time around the 'one account = one vote' is probably not the best solution to ensure a wide spread of members to the first Council. I commented about the pros and cons of their election methods early on in the process however it is probably through repeated experience that we and CCP will find what works best.

Now it is just the waiting (without exit polls to guide us as to our progress!)

Inanna Zuni

CrazyKinux said...

If this list can help you get on the CSM, all the better.

Good luck to you!