Friday, July 11, 2008

Finding Agents and increasing your Standings in EVE

Finding good agents is an activity which is at the core of the EVE Online PvE game play. And since you need a standing of 0.5 to join your faction of choice and participate in Factional Warfare, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a list of resources that are helpful in finding the best agents.

Whether it's to increase your standing, or to get better loot and rewards, finding the best agents maybe something that's a bit of a mystery to new players. Here below I've listed 4 great resources to help you do just that.
Sites to quickly find Agents:
The EvE Cast video tutorial is also available on YouTube for those who don't mind the low quality. I do recommend that you download the original which is of better quality and thus easier to follow - your choice though. Here it is below.

As for increasing you agents "effective" standing (not the faction though), make sure that you've trained the following 3 skills to level 5 for the best results: Connections, Negotiation and Social. You'll see a dramatic increase. There are plenty more Social skills to train, but with these you're off to a good start!


Anonymous said... I used that guy to quickly get to 0.5 and get in the FW militia.

Ever said...

It's much quicker to use third party tools to automaticly find agents, here are few:
agents finder
another eve agents finder
eve info

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Ever! Will be adding those links in the post! Cheers! -CK