Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out of Eden: Another great Gears of War Trailer

The guys at Epic really know how to make great trailers, and this Gears of War 2 video is the latest example of this. When I think back, one of the original trailers for the first GoW game was also amazing. If you've got time, make sure to watch the HD version. Really amazing details and great lighting effects.

/me feeling trigger happy!


mbp said...

Oh dear CK, You could easily convince me to put aside the slow ponderous gameplay of EVE for a fast paced shoot em up. A heck of a lot of my game playing time seems to be spent pouring over spreadsheets these days and I did very much enjoy Gears of War on my PC, particularly in co-op mode.

CrazyKinux said...

Eheheh! It's a question of balance. Actually, an EVE FPS is something I dreamed of not to long ago!

Spectre said...

I have to agree with mbp... I loved Gears co-op mode. The story is kind of meh and the multiplayer never really did it for me but the combat is great and just gets better when youre playing on hardcore with a buddy in co-op. I am very much looking forward to GoW2.