Monday, July 28, 2008

EVE Online Speedlinking for July 28th, 2008

Well, to say that the last week was a little busy would be like saying that Amarrians have only a small ego problem.Talk about a bonanza of news and posts!

First off some big news from CCP:
In other news:


Anonymous said...

A Pirate? A pirate you say...Throws gloves at CK...
How dare you acuse me of blowing people away who are not blue ( NBKI);
Hunting people with merciless abandon hoping to destroy their little ships;
Oh NOES I is a prate? DAmmit I didn;t mean to be one...aww crap....wekll I don;t ransom people does that count as being a good guy?


Anonymous said...

You're good at finding stuff :). Some very interesting links here, thx !

MalphasWats said...

Cool! Cheers for sticking me in there, no pressure to actually write stuff worth reading now then!

Letrange said...

Looking?... Preparing for investment from withing the alliance - yes. Looking for investors? not quite. As a later post points out it only took my alliance to fill out the 1.35billion 13.5h - we're a small alliance but 1.35billion is a puny number in the grand scheme of things...

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