Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Have Clone, Should Travel.... more

I've been playing EVE for just over 4 years now. During the last two weeks, my corp and I have moved over 60 jumps away from our normal base of operation in the Khanid Kingdom systems. I'm currently stationed in and around Nuken, doing missions and other corp matters.

But something occurred to me just as I was about to set out on my lastest move. EVE has 5152 systems, spread out over 60-some regions. Looking at the in-game Map (F10) and choosing to display the systems I had visited over those 4 years, I came to realize that I had barely visited a quarter of the systems in New Eden. I've basically stayed within maybe 6 regions and haven't gone beyond that.

In my last Postcard, James mentioned that he had recently visited EVE Gate and had found the site of New Eden's birth amazing. A few of us realized then that we'd never seen it. We all agreed that we should make the trip at least once.

So, today being my birthday, I've decided to get ready for a little visit. Kind of a gift to myself. Speaking of which, if you fancy me a gift, I do accept in-game ISKs (Treenara Mazouk), or a little donation (check the right column). Or maybe a little something from my Amazon wishlist? But I digress.

I recall reading in the last issue of EON, the story of a fellow capsuleer who embarked on the monumental undertaking of visiting "all" the systems of EVE, including EVE Gate. Quite a story he tells. He did so in a covert ops frigate to evade some of those less friendly elements one finds everywhere in EVE these days.

This is where I need your help.

I've never flown a covert ops ship, neither have trained for it. I do have a few EW skills trained, but I would need to know what's the best covert ship a Gallente pilot like me should fly, and what skills should I possess in order to make the safest journey. Remember here folks, I'm a Carebear!

I promise to write about it, and to send you a few postcards along the way. Now, I just need the execs of Phoenix Labs to provide me the ship and skill books, and give me enough time to go there and back again. That'll be interesting!

I've been hiding in my little corner of New Eden for far too long. It's time to spread my wings and see the universe.


Anonymous said...

By far you need Gallente frig to 5 then get a helios

skills needed:
make sure your navigation skills are up so your not jumping 4 AU at a shot but otherwise you should be fine with this.

Primary Skill Required

* Gallente Frigate Level V
o Spaceship Command Level I

Secondary Skill Required

* Covert Ops Level I
o Spaceship Command Level III
o Electronics Upgrades Level V
+ Electronics Level II
+ Engineering Level II

GL and enjoy Ills end you a little gift once I get home..happy Birthday hoss!


Anonymous said...

supposed to say "I'll send" ~ my typing stinks

Dee Carson said...

Concur on the Helios info above. If you want some practice, shout at me in local. We are HQ'ed in Korsiki & I mine frequently in Nuken.

Carole Pivarnik said...

What manasi said...but I didn't see any mention of a cloak. A cloaking device is kinda useful to survival if you plan to be in low sec or 0.0. A cov ops cloak makes the most sense as it lets you warp while cloaked (very convenient). However, takes longer to train. The easiest cloak to train for is a Prototype Cloaking Device. It lets you cloak but cuts your speed by 90% (and doesn't allow you to warp at all).

Sounds like a grand adventure ahead for you! If I'm online when you come through Essence low sec, give a shout and I'll accompany you for awhile.

Hee hee, this reminds me of the Amtrak journey across the U.S. and Canada that I sometimes dream of doing. I'd stop at various Eve friends' towns and visit for a day before continuing on my way. That 30-day unlimited travel N. American Rail Pass Amtrak has sure is tempting from that perspective.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

I concur with Mynxee on the cloak.

Before I could fly a covops, I used an atron fitted with a t2 mwd, cap recharger and overdrives, and an Improved Cloak to get through lowsec gatecamps. Unless someone is more on the ball than you are, you're nigh uncatchable, and once you get a safe viewing-spot, you can hide easily.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

... I should put an addendum on that:

If you're planning to evade people in nullsec, you need to spend the time getting to Covert Ops cloaks. Nothing is more useful than being able to warp around unseen, or as guaranteed to keep you safe.

Anyone who has experience flying covops could write you a book on tips and tricks to evade persuers and scout systems.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks guys for the great info! I'll be going through it at a later time and putting together a skill plan in EVEMon.

For now though, I'm off to dinner with my better-half. =)

Fly safe!

Anonymous said...

DO IT!!!! Travelling around EVE is one of the best things you can do. I've not done it myself, but I've certainly seen more than 1/6th.

WTM said...

Yup, cov ops cloak is a must have.

As for which Cov ops ship, go with which ever is the shortest training path.

Also, keeping people updated on where you are going (and when) you may find some of your readers may be able to organise at least some blue standings (even temporarily). I know I would try.

andy said...

hmm - very interesting - i was only thinking about the technique of evasive lowsec travel myself the other day (buying an expensive skill book in egghelende thinking it was egglenhert and then needing to get it without dying in the process - oops!)...
so thanks for the advice - i already have a cov ops ship with cov ops cloak, so i guess i'm good to go... just gotta wtach out for station bumping and smartbombing BSs!

andy said...

Have Cloak, should travel... more!

Anonymous said...

Cloak and MWD = win. Mostly.

If you find yourself in a bubble, in a CovOps ship, align, hit MWD, hit Cloak. You'll get a cycle of MWD before your Cloak shuts it off, and should get you clear 'tout de suite'.

I'd also recommend creating a 'CovOps' overview setting which includes biomass and cans/ wreckage/ crap floating around a gate- you don't want to be decloaked by Mrs Miggin's dead body around.

Magson said...

There's another "journal" of someone who "too ka grand tour -- he tended to use an Exequror, though, rather than a covops.

Anonymous said...

Shoot me an email and I'll gladly give you some pointers and some documentation to read from our public wiki! Agony offers seminars from time to time and I'll take a look and see if we have any coming up. Feel free to join the AU_PVP_University channel and ask some question or post on our forums (

CrazyKinux said...

@xiphos83 - Sounds like an offer I can't refuse! I'll stick with Phoenix Labs for now though; they've seen me through the rough times and are a great bunch of guys!

Will add AU to the corp listing and tomorrow's Speedlinking!