Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EON #013 - Table of Content

Last Friday, after what seemed to be the longest wait ever, I finally got my copy of the 13th issue of EON.

You figure that Europe must be moving away from North America, because it takes less time to travel to the moon and back, then it does to ship a magazine across the Atlantic!

But anyways, enough of my whining! This latest is full of great articles, chronicles and more. The Insider's Guide on Factional Warfare, the economy and cartography are brilliant pieces. There's also tidbits of information on the EVE RPG and board game (Conquest), EVE Tribune and of course the main article on Quantum Rise, the next expansion.

I have yet read the chronicles, which returned in this issue - The High Garden and Before - but I promised to let you know my thoughts once I have. I can't wait for the special "EON Chronicles" issue to come out. EVE Fiction FTW!!

Table of Content - EON 013

  • Page 6 --- E-ON Upfront (News)
  • 14 ---- EVE Quarterly Report - On the Alliance Warfare
  • 16 ---- Postcards from the Edge (Screen shots)
  • 21 ---- In Character: LoxyRider
  • 22 ---- Alliance Profile: Caeruleum Alliance
  • 24 ---- In Crowd: James "CCP Mindstar" Wyld
  • 26 ---- Chronicles: The High Garden by Nixon Bardsley
  • 30 ---- The EVE Tribune Story
  • 37 ---- In Character: Tusko Hopkins
  • 38 ---- Cover Feature: The Bottom Line
  • 44 ---- Alliance Profile: Mercenary Coalition (MC)
  • 46 ---- Chronicles: Before by Nick Blood
  • 50 ---- In Crowd: Shay "CCP Lingorm" McAuly
  • 52 ---- In Character: Hexx
  • 54 ---- Testflight: Vexor Navy issue, Osprey Navy issue, Stabber Fleet issue & Omen Navy issue
  • 62 ---- Alliance Profile: Paxton Federation (PXF)
  • 64 ---- Insider's Guide: Factional Warfare
  • 70 ---- Insider's Guide: EVE Cartography
  • 74 ---- Insider's Guide: EVE Economy
  • 80 ---- EVE Directory
  • 82 ---- Teh Funnies (EVE Humour)
Let me leave you with this: the EVE Fanfest is just shy of 14 days from now - that's two weeks people! I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

Want mine NAO !! :)
I'm looking forward to it though. I've never actually flown the navy issue cruisers, curious about them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone ganked my mailman...

CrazyKinux said...

Woa!! Just don't go postal!!