Sunday, October 19, 2008

EVE Blog Pack Profile: Colonel Roc Wieler

Here below is the first profile of 30 EVE Blog Pack member. I wish the idea for these profile was mine, but it's not. This was first conceived of by none other then Wilhelm2451, The Ancient Gaming Noob, as he is fondly known.

More profiles to come over the next few weeks!

Name/Handle: Colonel Roc Wieler

Blog URL: Roc's Ramblings at

Faction: Minmatar Republic

Started EVE: 2006

What brought me here:
My love for science fiction has been something inspired in me since I first Star Wars at the theatre as a kid. I loved the richness of the mythology, the vastness of the universe; the true sense of wonder. So naturally, I played Star Wars Galaxies the day it came out. Played dedicated for five years. The last two years though, I noticed the game was continually being dumbed down. I hate dumbed down. I enjoy depth. Someone mentioned EVE Online to me, and well, been here ever since. Even gave up Star Wars for it, my childhood love.

I am a Fleet Commander for the Tribal Liberation Force, as well as recently promoted to Fleet Commander in my corp, Freeform Industries. I do missions every now and then, but my real passion is the market. Both my alts are out of the box traders, and I really enjoy the cutthroat nature of doing business. I've never mined, never even opened research or industry, and have never managed a corp. One step at a time.

What keeps me playing:
Ironically, there are two things. The first is that you don't need to be here 23/7 for fear of missing out on some huge event. That flexibility combined with real time skill training (as opposed to mindless grinding) makes it great for me. During the week, I'm a casual player, and that's just fine. The second reason I've already mentioned indirectly. Depth. Vastness. Mythology. EVE Online is so comprehensive that I am STILL catching up on my reading, just to absorb myself deeper into this universe we call home.

What I write:
My personal blog is all in character (with occasional exception). My approach to writing is a little different than most I am told. I tend to merge real life happenings with in-game happenings, with a bit of complete fantasy mixed in to throw you off. So far, it's been fun. I am also a columnist over at EVE-Mag and hope to also get an article or two into EON Magazine. That would be something.

Other Interests:
I am also a co-developer for Capsuleer, the definitive iPhone application for EVE Online. I enjoy making 3D wallpapers as well, and have contributed some to the EVE Online galleries.

What you should know about EVE:
It's intimidating when you start; overwhelming actually. It's like learning a new Operating System and learning how to live in a completely new universe all at the same time. But stick with it, seriously. The rewards are worth it.


Anonymous said...


Can you guys work out a less spammy way of co-ordinating the EBP profiles? I'm seeing exactly the same content here as on TAGN. Hyperlinks ftw!

CrazyKinux said...

C'mon Mike,2 ot of the 30 EBP blogs post that article and you call that SPAM! I wonder what you call your Inbox?!!! =)

Anonymous said...

This is going to get out of hand. 30 blogs in the pack, and if each of them is going to post 30 profiles, that will be 900 profile posts, most of them duplicates. That is going to get spammy...

Anonymous said...

That's why I decided not to post it. Better just make sure the ones with the most traffic post 'em to get the most publicity. And those blogs are probably Crazykinux and the Ancient Gaming Noob.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe just link back to CK and AGN? At least that way we're all supporting each other without the spam.

CrazyKinux said...

Yeah, we need to come up with a better plan for the next one!