Friday, October 10, 2008

EVE Online Podcasts for the week of October 10, 2008

Only one new podcast was released this week, Fly Reckless #13. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though the show was a bit longer-than-usual, it was nevertheless very entertaining. When you don't have the time to read everything, listening to it while you're tending to some other activities is a blessing.

There's nothing more enjoyable than traveling in New Eden or mining to the sound of of a great podcast!

Thank you sir for a great show.

Now off you go to listen to this fine gentleman's work, as I go back to editing the new podcast.

Fly Safe

[EDIT: I realized after the fact that WDA#42 was released last week, though I included it in this week's Speedlinking post. Well, consider this a freebie pimp guys!]

[MAJOR EDIT: At the time I wrote this post, I hadn't notice that Titan Weekly #14 had been released. Sorry about that Malnor. Hope this correction and edit makes-up for it!]


Anonymous said...

Hey CK, i released TW:14 last night, before you posted this... guess you missed it :)

Anonymous said...

No problem, its all good. Congrats on the new Podcast btw!

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks! You'll be mentioned in the next EVE Speedlinking post, as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.