Monday, August 20, 2007

21 EVE Online acronyms for newbies

While setting up my Myrmidon for PvP, I came across a couple of new acronyms I'd never heard before. And that got me thinking. All these noobs joining EVE right now and coming along the forums trying to understand it all and put some good setups for their ships will most likely run into these difficulties. This is especially true when it comes to modules.

So in order to help you, here's my list of ten acronyms or terms you've got to know:
  1. Newbie, noob: a new player
  2. Carebear: an EVE player who does not engage in PVP
  3. MWD: Microwarp Drive (1/10/100 MN)
  4. AB: Afterburner (1/10/100 MN)
  5. Hardener: Armour or Shield hardener, both active and passive
  6. EANM: Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
  7. RMR: Red Moon Rising
  8. PVP: Player vs Player
  9. PVE: Player vs Environment
  10. NPC: Non-Player Character
  11. 0.0: lawless space that lies outside empire sovereignty - also known as nosec
  12. Ratting: going after pirates, both NPC and PC
  13. Mission: running agent missions
  14. Solo: solo PVP, usually self sufficient with ability to tank, gank, and tackle
  15. Podded: Losing ones ship and the ejected pod
  16. NOS: nosferatu
  17. Gank: the amount of damage a ship is set up to do
  18. Tank: The amount of damage a ship is set up to absorb
  19. Tackle/Tackler: To Warp Scramble/Disrupt a target
  20. Named: usually modules of higher quality (and price)
  21. Camp or gatecamp: - a group of players sitting at a gate waiting to ambush other players
These were taken from a great forum thread started by Litus Arowar over on the EVE Forums. So get to it, read up and let him know how thankful you are for helping you to not look like the newbie you are!!


Martin Cathrae said...

ah man, all these acronyms... it's just about as bad as the military. once you know them though, it's like reading english.

I saw a license plate the other day that was SAR 333 (numbers an example), and immediately thought, Small Armour Repper! I play too much eve! ;)

for number 11, I would say there is a difference between 0.0 and lowsec (.1 -> .4).

CrazyKinux said...

Know what you mean!

And thanx for #11 - meant to say nosec, not lowsec. Will correct it!

Anonymous said...

On the subject of PvP Myrmidons, I got my Myrmidon yesterday and might need a bit of advice with setting it up for PvP.
I had quite a good set up for my PvP Brutix but that was total luck. I'd rather not rely on luck this time haha.

CrazyKinux said...

Just came over from you post on your Myrmidon purchase. It's always a bit difficult at first when you try to setup a new ship. Great post by the way!

Ninja Kitten said...

This was actually pretty helpful thanks! I started playing EVE Online a few weeks ago after my dear husband persuaded me to try it, and some of the stuff people talk about in local chat or corp chat is pretty mystifying at times!

Carebear means the same as it does in World of Warcraft though, guess something never change!

CrazyKinux said...

Glad to be of help! If there are any others that you feel should me list then let me know.

Hope you enjoy the site!

Carole Pivarnik said...

Seeeee?! (pointing to Dale and myself) Women DO play EVE!!!

T2 Tech II (items of higher quality, more skills are needed to use them, they usually cost more than T1 stuff)

DC2 T2 Damage Control Unit

Also, there are common short names for things that could trip up some players, e.g., when someone says "point", it means they've got someone targeted and a warp disrupter or scrambler on them so they can't warp. When I started pirating after an initial 10 months or so in the game as a carebear, I had no idea what my comrades meant at first when they called out "Point" on Vent. :)

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Mynxee. So the list keeps groing!

Anonymous said...

The items I get asked most about by new players is what BPO and BPC are, as those tend to get bandied about a lot

CrazyKinux said...

BPO - Blue Print Original (to make multiple copies of something)
PBC - Blue Print Copy (can only be used once, and cannot be research for optimization)